Why a hand wash over automatic wash?

To understand more, let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of hand washing your vehicle over a automatic system


After using an automatic wash, have you ever noticed damage to your vehicle? It can be anything from swirls to scratches.or missing/damaged  accessories like antennas, fog light,rain shields etc  Why this happens is because automatic wash centers use equipment that is damaged from washing several trucks a day but they do not repair or replace the equipment efficiently or don’t physically experience the moment when equipment may fail. A lot of the times, they use cheap products which can cause damage to the paint of your vehicle. Moreover, many times there are dirty trucks that come in the vehicle wash and leave their dirt behind on the brush or cloth that will scrub your vehicle next. This causes further damage to your exterior paint and chrome . If you care about how your truck looks, we recommend a professional hand wash to avoid these minor scratches and faults that add up. You can’t go wrong with a traditional hand wash!


In automatic truck washes, since no one has to physically do anything, you aren’t aware of any problems or issues that may arise and cause engine faults in the future. The beauty of someone hand washing, is that not only is it more effective, but when you wash you have your truck washed personally, every single spot gets checked. Therefore, this can help detect potential problems and discover clear coat cracks, rust spots, and paint damage. Additionally, it can even help uncover small defects that might be fixable then and there, before things get out of hand and end up costing you hundreds of dollars.


Automatic truck washes produce less desirable results, as compared to hand washes. This is mainly because the lack of immediate and thorough contact with the vehicle in automatic truck washes impairs the ability to clean efficiently and completely and free your vehicle from all dust, mud and dirt. On the other hand, a visual inspection by a real person ensures that each and every part and component is cleaned thoroughly, giving your vehicle that ‘I just got washed’ sparkle.


You simply can’t beat a hand wash!