We believe that if your truck is happy and clean, then so are you!

Prices are competitive and vary depending on vehicle size, fleet size and frequency of washing. Pricing available on request

  • RMS / Registration Wash
  • Outside Truck Body Wash
  • Truck Outside
  • Hand Wash – Truck Wash
  • Excavation Machine Wash
  • Monitor Machine Wash
  • Tractor Wash
  • Tanker Wash
  • Trailer Only Wash
  • Engine Only Wash
  • Inside Cabin Clean

Tyre shine is complimentary with every wash!

RMS Wash

Metro Truck Wash specializes in what’s known as RMS registration Wash. This particular wash requires a high pressure hot steam clean of the truck chassis, full engine degrease and steam clean and full underbody mechanical parts steam clean as well as other spot checked areas. This particular wash is requested in order for the Road and Maritime Services (RMS) to undertake their inspection.

The RMS requires all heavy vehicles in NSW to undertake inspections for the renewal of registration. Prior to this inspection, we recommend ensuring your truck is clean and roadworthy in order for the inspector to visually see all the required components to carry out a successful safety inspection. We recommend booking in your RMS wash on the day before or on the day of for optimal results when getting your  vehicle inspected.

Below are some tips taken directly from the RMS website
  • The vehicle must be clean, especially underneath, so that the examiner can thoroughly inspect it
  • The exhaust must be secure and free from leaks
  • With tilt-cab vehicles, make sure that the cab can be tilted for inspection of the engine bay (any loose items should be secured)
  • All brakes must operate correctly and be free of leaks.
  • Steering and suspension components must be in good condition. Check for worn bushes, bearings and joints
  • The exhaust must be secure and free from leaks
  • Roads and Maritime can refuse to inspect a vehicle that is not presented in an appropriate condition. A subsequent inspection will be required once the vehicle meets the required conditions and an additional inspection fee will be charged.

Reasons to wash your truck


Not Cleaning Your Truck Can Hurt You

Ok, so you haven’t washed your truck since petrol was 70 cents a litre, But you get your oil changed, replace old parts, and keep it running like new. So what’s the big deal? It’s just dirt right?

Well, a filthy truck can be more than just smelly. It might actually be damaging your ride…and your wallet

Dirt Can Hurt

One way or the other, your trucks going to get dirty. So what happens if you don’t wash it off (besides kids writing “Wash Me” on it)?

  • Dirt build up can act like sandpaper, wearing down and weakening the paint.
  • Dirt can mix with rain and other pollutants, etching paint right off.
  • Other things, like sap and bird droppings will ruin your paint even faster.

Why is Paint so Important?

The color of your truck is a big deal. It might define your personality (lime green? Must be a free spirit!) or fit your truck perfectly (nothing like a hot red finish!). But your paint does more than just make you look cool. It protects the body of the truck from the elements too.

When paint starts to crack, etch, or chip off, it exposes the vehicles body to moisture. And when that happens, the metal can start to rust and corrode, spreading like a nasty brownish disease. Left untreated, rust can weaken the vehicle body, eat away holes, and expose vital parts…doing some real damage.

Resale Value

Even if you couldn’t care less about what your vehicle looks like (rusty, yellow, dirty, whatever), you probably still give a hoot about its resale value. And it goes without saying that good looking, well cared-for vehicle sell for more than old rust buckets. So besides just causing damage to paint, or spreading rust, a dirty truck could eat into your pocket down the line too!

Regain Your Trucks Attractiveness

As your vehicle is on the road all day, and may have advertising on the truck, we believe it is important to ensure your truck has that extra shine Since the appearance of your truck/fleet is the face of your company, business and livelihood, maintaining a spotless appearance is vital.

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