Stand alone truck wash VS mobile truck wash

Hand truck wash

There are many reasons why you should use a stand alone truck wash facility over the mobile services. As a fleet owner, your time and resources are valuable. Since the appearance of your truck/fleet is the face of your company, business and livelihood, you should always maintain a spotless appearance.

Getting your trucks washed on a regular basis is important for your trucks. Some things to consider below:

  • Pricing – Our prices are extremely competitive and vary depending on vehicle size, fleet size and frequency of washing. MTW pride ourselves on value for money, but also a top notch quality service with many inclusions within our packages free of charge. We understand downtime with staff members can be an issue, and that’s why we like to offer competitive pricing for regular fleet washing.
  • Weather – conditions might hinder your plans with a mobile service– Changing weather conditions can be of disadvantage if you plan to use a mobile truck wash service because it will be outdoor detailing. In contrast, a stationary truck wash  the weather has no say and we can still complete the job as we have an undercover shed.
  • Products – No product or processes are missed at Metro Truck Wash and products are always on hand to provide the ultimate experience. With a mobile service or automatic facility, the detailer can forget products and equipment – There is a chance that your truck detailer might forget to bring an important cleaning product or equipment, which will result in an incomplete job. MTW ensures that products, and experience is always what the client has asked for and never missing a beat!
  • Environment – We are equipped state of the art facility and equipment ensuring all drainage is managed accordingly. A mobile washing service with the inappropriate bunting, will result in water and chemicals draining into stormwater on the property where the wash is taken place. This is against all EPA ( Environmental Protection Authority ) rules. As stated on their website policy, “EPA prohibits the pollution of the
    stormwater system and our natural waterways. The Water Quality Policy has general obligations with which every person, business and industry must comply, as well as specific obligations for particular activities. Failure to comply with any of these obligations may result in a fine, Environment Protection Order, and/or prosecution”
  • Pressure Cleaner – At our facility, the pressure cleaner is a fixed unit and there for maintains a high pressure wash at all times providing constant service. Mobile services simply can’t offer the same pressure due to lack of power with the mobile equipment. For optimal pressure when washing, you require 3 phase power supply.